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What does being your best mean?

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“We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility.” Albert Einstein

In my book I tell a story about how being told to ‘be myself’ led to me not being prepared enough to make the date I was on a success, it was my first date and it was beyond a disaster.  If you want to be your best, it will take planning and effort lots of effort, there will be interruptions, bad days and good days.  But if we focus on going forward and making more and more progress then we will get closer and closer to our best self.    Winston Churchill said ‘we create our own universe as we go along’, so start by expecting yourself to become more productive, more motivated, or better in whatever way you want your ‘best’ to be.

What does Best mean anyway?

In relation to my company Best Self Ltd what does best mean anyway? Here’s a few definitions I’ve come across.

  • ‘The optimum condition or quality’ – so look your best, feel your best.
  • ‘Most satisfactory, suitable, or useful; most desirable’ – so in any given situation offer the best solution you possess.
  • ‘The supreme effort one can make’ – do your best – open your own throttle and maximise your potential.

People in history being their best

Look at this list of people and imagine emulating some of these great achievers and think about how they did it.

  • Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay – The first two men to climb the world’s highest mountain Everest in 1953.  Sir Edmund also went on to travel to both the North and South Poles and dedicated his life to helping the people of Tibet life better lives.
  • Martin Luther King – Against all the odds this man stood up against the oppression of blacks in America and destroyed official racial segregation in America.  He would campaign tirelessly day after day and if you’ve not listened to his ‘I have a dream’ speech at Washington memorial you should. His came true despite his cowardly assassination.
  • Winston Churchill – These days leaders let their generals look after war tactics by and large but during the World War II Winston Churchill had other ideas. As a young man he would travel to places like Cuba and study warfare tactics and despite only a small amount of help from the Americans in the early years of the war he defended against the Germans, the Japanese and all their allies. Through all this he went on air and rallied the British morale with some of the greatest speeches of all time.
  • Lance Armstrong - After being told he had cancer and only a 50/50 chance of survival, Lance Armstrong went on to claim a record 7 consecutive Tour De France wins and promote cancer awareness on top of that.

I have a program  called the Best Self Program designed to give guys a kick up the backside and constantly monitor their productivity as they work towards developing their characters and their skill base.  Now some people focus on their inner self, their attitudes, their emotional control, building their confidence, where as others focus more on more external elements such as getting peak sports performance or mastering that guitar that’s been sat in the corner or getting straight A’s in the classroom.  Whatever it is they are working on they are working on themselves.

Are they working on their optimal condition? Yes.

Are they becoming more useful in their everyday environments? Yes.

Are they getting closer to using the supreme effort they possess? You betcha.

If you have the tools and support and understanding of what it takes to be your best self then there’s no reason why you can’t start the life you really want.

For more information please visit my website Best Self home of Leicester Hypnotherapyand Leicester Life Coaching

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